Cinelive  is a mobile 4k multicamera production instrument providing all the tools needed to record or stream concerts, theater, shows and events.

The cameras feature a 35mm sensor in 4k giving that shallow depth of field and cinematic look and feel in the best future proof  quality and resolution.

But what really makes a movie shine is a great team:

Peter Schroeder is directing and producing multicamera productions like Tv Shows, Standup Comedy & Music Concerts for over 20 years. Working with the same team for many years a wonderful group of highly professional filmmaker has developed.

Alexander Boboschewski aac, experienced as a Steadicam operator and DOP with an enormous equipment pool and passion for high quality tools.

DOP Wolfram Zöttl aac has his background in classic cinema and filmmaking.
His expertise is lighting and looks.

Peter and Wolfram know each other from child up and always love to challenge every limit of today’s TV-creation.

Together they share their passion for high quality cinematic experience and the look and feel of 35mm.


Working together in an multicam environment is like playing live in a Band. When everything  plays together well, the music comes from the whole team. – Peter Schroeder

That’s why we created  cinelive,  it’s an instrument.

Cinelive Mobile Production UnitCinelive Features

35mm Sensor Cameras in 4K

giving that wonderful cinematic look in future proof 4K quality

Video Rack

Vision mixer with tally, intercom, program return, multiview, disk recorders & players

Lens and Camera control

Remote control of iris and camera setting  to match multiple cameras

Audio Rack

Mix and record multiple audio channels direct to disk

Live Streaming

Stream live to air, TV stations or internet.

Redundant Recording

Multiple recorders per camera ensure savety and easy backup

Multicam Logging

Logging and  recreation of the live cut as editable 4K timeline for fast turnaround.

Easy Setup

All racks are in preconfigured flight cases. One cable per camera ensures fast setup


The System is highly flexible and can be configured to your needs

Typical Setups are 6 to 12 cameras, complete with crane, steadicam , sliders …

Whatever you can Imagine, we can do

Our Philosphy

We want to deliver the best cinematic experience in a broadcast-like multicam environment. Our crew are trained professionals with many years of experience.

We can offer  complete production from designing stage & light to postproduction and the final master.

We are looking forward to producing your event!

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