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Enissa Amani for Netflix

Enissa Amani Will be the first female German Stand-Up Special for Netflix

German comedian Enissa Amani is heading to Netflix next month for their first Female German Stand-Up Comedy Special.

“Enissa Amani: Ehrenwort” was recorded in Hamburg in January. With her subtle sense of humour and her wonderfully provocative punch lines, the Iranian-born German-Persian is loved for her targeted taboo breaks.

We are proud to support with our Cinelive Team and Equipment.

production: e&a Film GmbH

technical production: Cinelive, Peter Schröder, Alexander Boboschewski aac

head of camera: Wolfram Zöttl aac

cameraoperator: Florian Höhlich, Pertti Pullinen, Christian Roth aac, Rene Rothkopf aac

image technician: Dietmar Bartl

camera technicians: Deniz Blazeg aac, Theresa Ferstl

head of technical department: Alexander Boboschewski aac

ligtning department: Helmuth Krammer

sound: Claus Benischke-Lang, Oliver Giese

setdesign: Jacob Schäfer, Jami Vahdani